Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Ewok Whisperer

So after my X Wing project, one of my best friends, Toby Rzepka, asked me if she could say Yub Yub yet.

I'm proud to announce that we're almost there. Sadly, "Gooondah" still hasn't caught on.

I've been intending to do my next Star Wars project for the last couple weekends, but haven't had time. I've got several plans for very fun (and somewhat more practical) projects. Hoping to post soon.

Do your kids speak any nerd languages? If you don't have kids, which nerd languages do you plan to teach them when you do?


Mira said...

Bella totally has a language all her own, something along the lines of "wakalaka huiong nuala..." carribean meets Asia? I dunno, and Bridger is still toddlerese. Sometimes I see their lips moving, and there's sound, but I just don't understand.

averildean said...

We all speak nerd around here. But I'm the nerdiest of all, and can never be stopped once I've decided a kid needs a new nickname. Right now we've got one Monkeyhead, a Person-Person, and Girlyman (he came up with that one on his own, don't look at me).

I know. I know ...