Thursday, March 26, 2009

it's couplets, but needs to be turned into a sestina eventually

she laughed at first to think
the waking world imposes on my dreams.

it's sad she said, that you
can't just have fun at night when you're asleep.

you see, in dreams, for her,
she lives a different life than this one here,

since sometimes i'm not there
she's free to kiss whoever comes along.

it's not that i don't cheat
it's just that i feel guilty in the dream

for what i'm doing. she
had taken other lovers in her sleep

but never thought it strange.
and when we woke, she kissed me and she said,

i had the weirdest dream
last night. she told me how it went and when

she finished i kissed her.
i never had a dream like that before,

she said. i know i have.
and somehow that she had one makes me glad.

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